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Humidity and Dew Point of Gases
Motor and Appliance Testing
Logic Analyzer & Data Logger
Hot Cold Thermal Platforms

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Humidity and Dew Point of Gases

Humidity and Dew Point of Gases

Humidity and Dew Point of Gases
Humidity and Dew Point of GasesMoisture Measurement Innovation at Work
Integrating nanotechnology into moisture measurement

PhyMetrix united the technical experts responsible for the design, development and manufacture of some of the leading moisture monitors and dew-pointers in operation around the world.

The PhyMetrix technical team brings a wealth of experience in advanced sensing and measurement for Laboratory and Process Control applications in a wide range of industries: petrochemical, power generation, industrial driers, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, non-fossil fuels, industrial gases, environmental, aerospace, defense and transportation.

The PhyMetrix instruments bring quick, accurate and reproducible moisture measurement to the Lab, the Plant (for process control) and “on-the-go”.
Various products of PhyMetrix are,

PhyMetrix Portable Moisture Analyzer (PPMa)
Benchtop Moisture Analzyer

On-Line Panel Mount Moisture Analyzer
Loop Powered Transmitter

PhyMetrix Portable Moisture Analyzer Model: PPMa
The smallest, lightest and most accurate moisture analyzer!


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