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Humidity and Dew Point of Gases

Process Automation Transducers

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Process Automation Transducers

Your partner for competitive advantage in process automation, supervision and control.


Electrical signals are the power source for all manufacturing processes, machines and systems. It is therefore obvious that this is the starting point to determine the key operational performance indicators of a manufacturing process.

LEM’s Process Automaton line of Current and Voltage Transducers integrates convenient mounting, installation, and connection solutions, along with signal processing into a single device to reduce the time required to implement a monitoring or control systems involving electrical parameter measurements. The PAT family of transducers can sense from 10mA of current to thousands of Amps with excellent accuracy and isolation from the circuit being sensed with standard output 0-5V/ 0-10V/ 4-20mA or switch/relay output. Process Voltage sensors allow for isolated voltage measurements to 400 volts with 4-20mA output and RMS signal processing.

LEM Collaborates with leading suppliers in the automation industry to provide complete solutions for your process control and condition monitoring needs.

Typical application

Process Control and Product Quality:
  • Crusher and Grinder Motors

  • Industrial Electrical Heaters

  • Part Counting

  • Status Alarming

  • Generator Startup

  • Maintenance Operations
  • Dull Tool Indication

  • Pump Jam & Suction Loss Protection

  • Motor Start Counting

Safety Operations
  • Safety Light Monitoring

  • Ground Fault Protection

  • Safety Interlocks

Facilities / Infrastructures Monitoring
  • DC Power Supply and Batteries

  • Cathodic Protection

  • Fan and Pump Monitoring

  • Pump Backup

Product Range:
  • AC & DC current transducers from 10mA up to 2000A

  • RMS or TRMS calculation

  • Output suitable for PLC interface (4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V)

  • Split or solid core version with DIN option

  • AC & DC Relays

Product Features

Brand name: LEM
Quality certification: ISO 9000 and ISO TS 16949:2002
Place of origin: Switzerland and Japan


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