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Digital Micro-Ohmmeter

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 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter

The AMPTEC 720A Digital Micro-Ohmmeter

The 720A is an affordable seven range, four wire Kelvin based digital micro-ohmmeter. Resistance measurements can be made from 10 µOhms to 200 KOhms on seven ranges with 4 ½ digit (19999) resolution on the AMPTEC 720A.

The 720A is used to test electrical resistance on a wide variety of applications such as motors, transformers, contacts, copper coils, components, bonds and a host of metal to wire connection integrity (i.e. splices) tests. The unit's high contrast high intensity LED display is also readable in direct sunlight environments.

The AMPTEC 720A digital micro-ohmmeter makes 4 terminal Kelvin resistance measurements on a variety of devices including the following: Winding resistance and shorted turns of: small motors, alternators, transformers, generators, coils, solenoids, relays, wire spools, chokes and ballasts.

Measuring inductors like transformers, motor wings, coils and chokes couln't be easier using the AMPTEC 720A Ohmmeter. The AMPTEC 720A's current source has a much higher compliance voltage than comparable models. High compliance voltage allows the ohmmeter to rapidly charge any inductance associated with making the resistance measurement. The higher the ohmmeter's compliance voltage (drives the constant current source) the more stable and quicker an inductors (i.e copper coil) resistance can be measured.

An optional rechargeble battery powered version of the AMPTEC 720A Micro-Ohmmeter is available - Ideal for field portable and "On-The -Go" resistance measurement applications. Internal dual battery pack(s) provides hours of mobile field use of the AMPTEC 720A Micro-ohmmeter.

Product Specification

custom volt-ohmmeter instrumentation
Explosive Safety Test

Product Features

Special features: The 720 can easily measure the contact resistance of: switches, resistive trimmers, mating connectors, relay contacts, circuit breakers.
Brand name: AMTEC
Quality certification: ISO 9001
Capability: N/A
Delivery terms: N/A
Place of origin: USA
Packaging: N/A
Minimum order: 1
Payment terms: N/A


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